Year: 2020

What Are Online Slots?

 Online slots, online slots or slots are a very popular game online casinos. It is the digital adaptation of the classic slot machines that we used to see in some bars and that can still be found in physical casinos and game rooms.

However, online slots can be much more complex and also entertaining . Most of them have cool features and mini games that can win you big prizes.

There are multiple game providers who are in charge of developing new slots on a regular basis. Some of the most important are Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech or BetSoft.

Also, the graphics of the games are extremely careful and today we can find excellent 3D animations in many slots . On the other hand, the theme of these games is very wide, so you can find really original slots.

Many slots are inspired by famous television series, books or movies. Some of the most striking titles are Game of thrones, the Pink Panther, Pinocchio, Superman, Dracula or The Godfather.

How Do Online Slots Work?

As you may already know, slots are a game of pure chance (just like lottery or bingo), therefore you will have very little room for maneuver to influence the bottom line. That being said, we are going to see a small guide to explain how the slots work.

These are the different steps you must follow before playing an Internet slot :

  1. Check the game rules
  2. Decide how much money you want to bet
  3. Press the spin button and wait for the results

It is important to remember that all licensed online casinos have a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that results are generated in an unpredictable way and thus fair play is respected. Therefore, you can rest easy, as the results of the games are completely random.

Read The Rules Of The Game In Detail

Before starting to play it is important that you consult the rules of the game, as each slot machine has its peculiarities and has different mini-games that are usually associated with the theme of the game.

In general, this type of game is very simple, but some slots have bonus rounds that can be a bit more complex if you are not very familiar with the world of slots .

We also advise you to first try the demo mode of the slot you want to play. This is one of the best ways to understand how the game works and see if you are interested in betting your money on it.

Decide How Much Money You Want To Bet

When you have read and understood all the instructions you should familiarize yourself with the game buttons and place your bet. Normally to place your bet you will have to select :

  • How many pay lines do you want to activate
  • How many coins do you want to bet on each pay line
  • What is the value of each coin

Keep in mind that in some slots you will not be able to change the number of available pay lines, but they will always be active. Also, in some games you will only be able to bet a single coin for each payline and therefore this value will not exist.

Finally, in some slots instead of selecting how many coins you want to bet per payline you will have to select a level. Each level is associated with a number of coins. You will find this information in the instructions for each game.

All this makes the minimum and maximum bet vary depending on the game and the provider that has developed it.

Press The Spin Button And Wait For The Results

When you have selected your bet you will only have to press the spin button and wait to see the result of the game. Your prize will be determined based on the pay lines or winning combinations you get and the bet made. Keep in mind that during the game you will find:

  • Wild symbols: symbols that can be substituted for others to complete winning combinations.
  • Multipliers : if they appear in a winning combination, they will multiply your winnings.
  • Scatter icons : symbols that will help you get free spins or a win.
  • Bonus icons : symbols that will be used to activate the game’s bonus round.

Ranking Of Hands In Poker, Order And Plays

At the poker is played with an English deck of 52 cards . Each card has a value whose order is: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. These also have four suits: clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds, but none of these have more value.

Poker Hand ranking

In poker, you need to have the best hand to win. To be victorious in the game, you must obtain one of these combinations. It is important that you also know that those of a higher category beat those of a lower one. From highest to lowest, this is the order of the poker plays :

  • Royal straight flush : it is the best poker play and includes cards 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit. A royal flush is an unbeatable hand.
  • Straight flush: it is obtained with five cards of consecutive order of the same suit. The higher the straight, the better the ranking of the hand. Thus, a straight with a higher 10 card would beat a straight with a maximum 9.
  • Poker : four identical cards and one different (kicker). The higher the value of these four cards, the better the hand is worth. If there is a tie, the highest card hand wins. In community card games where players have the same poker, the fifth highest card is likely to check and win.
  • Full house : three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different rank, but they match. In the event of a tie, the highest three cards of the same rank win the pot. If the three of a kind are of equal value in two hands, the hand with the highest remaining pair of cards wins.
  • Flush : This hand is five non-consecutive cards of the same suit. If there is a tie, the player with the highest card wins. If necessary, the second, third, fourth or fifth (progressively) highest card can break the tie. If all five cards are equal in value, the pot must be dealt. The stick can never be used to break the tie.
  • Straight : five consecutive cards. Between two stairs, the highest wins. The ace can be used to form the top or bottom of the ladder. The AKQJ-10 combination is known as Ace high and is the highest. The 5-4-3-2-A, also called the Five high, is the lowest.
  • Three of a Kind : This hand consists of three cards of the same rank and two of a different rank. If there is a tie, the trio with the highest cards wins. In community card games where more than one player owns the same three of a kind, the highest unpaired card wins, and if necessary, the fifth unpaired cards from each hand would be compared.
  • Double pair : these are cards of the same value, combined with two other cards also of the same value and a different fifth. When two hands show two pair, the hand whose pair is higher wins. As always, in the event of a tie, decide the highest card from the second hand. If both players have identical pairs, the highest card of different value wins.
  • Pair : two cards of the same value and three of different values. If there is a tie, the highest pair wins. If the players have the same pair, the highest different card wins. If necessary, the fourth and fifth cards can also break the tie.
  • High card: When neither player succeeds in making any of these plays, the hand with the highest card wins. If there is a tie, the next highest card is used.